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discover music
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A new way to discover music.

Soundpic is a music recommender system that gives you the perfect song for a given situation, it relies on pictures and user behavior to give music recommendations

We provide an artificial intelligence service that is based on work done by psychologists, musicologists and sociologist, leveraging multiple Machine Learning techniques and algorithms for Image and Audio processing/analysis, meaning that we have an accesible black box that receives images and returns music.

Our service provides a new layer of user personalization that allows you to connect your visual social networks with the apps that you already use to stream music.

What's your sound?

Connect SoundPic with your social networks and receive playlists of your daily life. Ever wondered what's the sound of your Instagram Profile?
Now you have a tool to discover it.

Get updated playlists based on things you post on your social networks, we all love sharing media with friends but now you can level up the things by adding the perfect song to that great picture.

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Share your sound with your friends in any social network and help people find music that they will like based on the pictures that they have liked!

Spread the music, without it life would be a mistake


We are improving all the time.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We are here to help you.

Each time you send a picture to the service, it goes through an analysis pipeline in which the picture is decomposed and transformed so that at the very end of the process, we can match a song based on the image analysis.

We believe that being creative is all about activating your craziness for the good of others.

Yes, once that you connect your favorite music streaming service the recommendations are based on pictures that you upload AND on your music taste. We believe that pictures sound different between people

No, it does not store pictures, however, we do generate an analysis for each picture and we store a fingerprint of it.